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Our client are always in the need of technical talented people who can bring the organization to the next level. We are focused on the high tech domain with companies like: ASML, Philips, Signify, Vanderlande, TomTom and many more. Each of these companies have their own culture, they create their own products. But they do have one thing in common: The need for experts in the field of DevOps to bring the organization to the next level.

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DevOps way of working

Docker, Containers, Cloud providers, Kubernetes, Automated pipelines (CI/CD), Version Control (GIT, BitBucket), Test Strategy and Test automation (C# NUnit, JAVA, C/C++, Python, BDD, Unit tests).
Are you an expert in above fields? Or do you want to become one? Please contact us!

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We are always looking for talented people with the right mindset and skills. If you are ready for the next level, supported and coached by someone in the field, don’t hesitate and join us today!

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